About US

Kavit Soap Industries is a third party contract manufacturing company making products for Cosmetics, Medicated, Ayurvedic and Herbal segments. With its worldwide presence over 20 countries, Kavit Soap Industries is a leading Cosmetics and Medicated manufacturer of India. Under third party manufacturing, the organization helps brand owners to develop formulas and packaging. Brand owners can either take our ready to use formulation made with extensive research and years of expertise or they can have their own customized formulation.

With a mission to be able to make each household  buy beauty soap, the company started making handmade oil based soaps in 1983. Continuous product extension with latest machinery lead the company into manufacturing  Medicated, Herbal and Ayurvedic products for clients across India and worldwide over 22 countries.

The company produces variety of Derma care products that include skin care, hair care, body care and face care for people of all age – Women, Men and kids.